Very Reliable, Efficient and A High Level Of Service

"The best when it comes to reliability, efficacy and quality of service! The issue with so many similar companies is that once they “got” you as a client, the customer service, personal touches, responsiveness, and overall care slowly drops. With Facilities Company, none of the above has happened. If anything, they do everything they can to maintain the relationship, meeting requirements and more Definitely well advised!"

Stress-free From Beginning To End!

"Amazing customer service! I’m really impressed with how everything was handled. Stress-free from beginning to end! I will definitely be using these guys again."

Excellent Service!

"Great team & service. We use these guys regularly for our maintenance issues on site."

Professional and Stress Free!

"Very professional and stress free. I highly recommend and will be booking them again!"

Brilliant Garden Maintenance

"Facilities Company maintain the garden area at the front of our office. It isn’t a massive area but became overgrown very quickly and didn’t look great for visiting clients. The Facilities team visit us whenever we need it tidying up and always do a brilliant job."

Affordable Cleaning Prices

"As office manager, my job was to find a good cleaning company for our office areas. Facilities Company provided the best quote so I went with them, and am so glad I did. Their cleaning is second to none! "

Quality Washroom Products

"Instead of ordering in our own toilet products, we have Facilities Company supply them when they come in to clean. They know exactly what we need and provide products of a great quality. "

Super Fast Window Cleaning

"Considering the amount of windows on our office block, it’s amazing how quickly Facilities Company get them clean. They never cause any issues to our daily business and leave the windows crystal clear."

Amazing Carpet Cleaners!

"Facilities Company clean the carpets in our shop and do a fab job. They get so dirty, particularly in the winter months with so many customers coming in and out. Wouldn’t use anyone else!"

Warehouse Electrics Sorted

"An electrician from Facilities Company came out to look at our warehouse lighting. We had used them before, so went straight to them again as they’d fixed another issue so quickly in the past. They’re the only company we use for all maintenance now, as they do such a brilliant job everytime."

Cafe Kitchen Deep Clean

"We’ve had the Facilities team in to do deep cleans of our cafe kitchen a couple of times now. As specialists in commercial cleaning, they have all of the industry equipment and cleaning products needed to guarantee a good job. They always leave them sparkling!  "

Affordable Toilet Cleaning & Supplies

"Facilities Company clean and stock our bar toilets with feminine hygiene products, toilet paper and handsoap. The toilets can be left in a real mess, but Facilities Company never have an issue with getting to work and sorting them out for us. Really glad to have found a company that clean and supply products – kills two birds with one stone."

Upper School Windows Look Great

"Facilities Company do an extremely professional job when cleaning our large upper school windows. They can reach even the higher level panes with ease and do the whole building at a really good price."

Old Carpets Brought Back to Life

"The carpets in our new retail unit were awful. We debated buying new ones but got Facilities Company in first to see what they could do. We were amazed at the difference! I don’t know how they did it, but long story short, there was no need to replace the carpets after they’d been. So happy!"

Facilities Company are rated 5/5 based on 10 reviews