Case Study Details:

Our client is one of the many local businesses that regularly use our commercial property maintenance in Milton Keynes. They contacted our team to help with tidying up their car park, not only making the site more visually appealing, but also maintaining site health and safety.

Client Requests & What We Did:

Our property maintenance packages cover many different services, from landscaping to installations, cleaning and repairs. This allows our clients to keep their site in immaculate condition, all under one roof.

In this instance, as you can see from the images below, the foliage around the car park had become hugely overgrown, and branches and leaves had started to accumulate around the curb. This can cause many potential issues, such as:

  • Could dampen first impressions of the business
  • Cause limited visibility when parking and manoeuvring
  • Overgrown branches can cause damage to vehicles
  • Creates tripping and slipping hazards, particularly in wet weather

Our team visited the site at a quieter time of the day to ensure minimal disruption and allow the car park to continue being used throughout. What a difference just a few hours of tidying up and cutting back bushes has made to the overall appearance of the car park!

For more information on our commercial property maintenance in Milton Keynes or to make a booking with our team, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Case Study Photos

Client Feedback

"Facilities Company takes such a hassle-free approach to commercial maintenance, making our lives 10x easier! Everything is always handled well, communication is spot on and jobs run smoothly. We’ve recommended them to many others who have had equally as positive feedback!"