Case Study Details:

Throughout the pandemic, many stores have decided to place stickers on the floor for directions. While this has been helpful over the past year, the stickers can end up damaging the floor. These stickers have been designed to withstand frequent and heavy footfall, so as you can imagine, they are extremely hard to remove. A client contacted the Facilities Company team after attempting to remove a rather large sticker which had then created a visible mark on the floor.

Client Requests & What We Did:

After attending the site, it was clear that the mark left on the floor could be removed, but it would take a few attempts to get rid of it completely. As we provide professional commercial cleaning in Milton Keynes, our team has the equipment and products to help the client achieve the results that they had envisioned.

The team started by cleaning the area with specialist products, completing this process a few times before achieving the results shown in the images below. As you can see, the mark is hardly noticeable, and the client was extremely pleased with the results of the first visit. The team will be attending the site again in the near future to complete another commercial clean of the marked area to restore the floor completely.

Case Study Photos

Client Feedback

"I can not get over how fast the team worked on the floor, and you can barely even see that there was anything there before. We look forward to them visiting us again and see what the floor looks like after the last attempt!"