Case Study Details:

The nature of our business means that we have played a pivotal role during the pandemic, helping clients to not only deal with potential cases but also help them to prepare for their return to the workplace. In this instance, we were contacted last minute by an office owner who had a possible COVID-19 case, so needed our help to decontaminate their premises thoroughly.

Client Requests & What We Did

When dealing with any potential cases of the virus, it is essential to be proactive and deal with the situation as promptly as possible. It is for this reason that we remain on standby for last-minute call-outs, ensuring that clients can prevent the spread of COVID-19.

When we received the call from our client, we arrived at their office shortly after with all of the necessary equipment to decontaminate and sanitise their workplace. To offer the best possible service, we have invested in new equipment, including the COVID-19 chemical bomb used in this case study. The COVID-19 chemical bomb will work on 30m2 and will leave the entire room sanitised. We used this, along with our typical deep cleaning services, to ensure that any traces of the virus were eradicated.

Project Pictures

More Pictures Of Our COVID-19 Services

As well as decontaminating your workplace, as mentioned above, our team can also help with preparing for the return of your staff. Below is just a few examples of buildings that we have visited to implement clear one way systems and procedures to reassure safety. If you would like more information on our deep cleaning in Milton Keynes or COVID-19 safety action plans, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team.

Client Feedback

"We couldn’t have asked for more from the team at Facilities Company. As any business owner would know, a possible COVID-19 case is extremely worrying, so we were so grateful when the team could come to us at such short notice to deep clean and disinfect the office. We had complete trust in their services and will definitely be recommending to others!"