Case Study Details:

A client came to Facilities Company in need of a deep clean of their server room. After speaking with the team, a package was arranged to provide cleaning services using our XL mop bucket.

Client Requests & What We Did:

Before heading to the client’s premises, the team arranged a time and date that would best suit them, ensuring that minimal disruption was caused. The team then completed a cleaning service that was tailored to the client, ensuring that the servers in the room were kept dry throughout the process. The client was extremely happy with the cleaning, and we are pleased with the outcomes of our new innovative mop.

We decided to use our XL mop bucket for this project, providing a quicker result for those that can not afford downtime of their business. The bucket is ideal for the health sector, clubs and pubs, sports centres and much more. With the microfibre and circular head, the mop can clean the floor quicker, leaving a clean and dry surface in minimal time. The mop can take up all the excess water through the spinning system designed within; this is perfect for wooden and lino flooring.

If you would like to book in and plan your cleaning service, then please feel free to give the team a call. We provide everything from cladding cleaning and carpet cleaning to full commercial cleaning in Milton Keynes!

Case Study Photos

Client Feedback

"Really happy with the service that we have received, and the team were exceptionally quick. They were easy to design a package with, and we found them very friendly to work with. Highly recommend this company."