Case Study Details:

An existing client asked our team of experts at Facilities Company to conduct a fire audit on their commercial premises; this consists of a review of the premises fire hazards, where some problems were found.

  • Location: Milton Keynes
  • Service/s Requested: Commercial Maintenance

Client Requests & What We Did:

After completing the audit, the team found that the door frames throughout the building were not fitted with fire strips. This could be a risk to health as these strips help to prolong the time people have to escape if there is a fire, allowing a safer, easier and quicker escape. Smoke and the actual fire are kept out better with fire strips, which on top of saving lives, can protect your property from being damaged. The strips work by activating when they sense heat, causing them to swell up and closing the gap between the door and the door frame, limiting the amount of smoke and fire that escapes through the door, meaning it is kept contained.

The safety of our clients and their employees are always at the top of our priorities, meaning we needed to get this fixed and sorted as soon as possible! Our experts in commercial maintenance in Milton Keynes went around the whole premises and installed new fire strips on every door on the same day as the audit. This ensured the site was now fire-compliant, which will ensure everyone on the premises stays safe, secure and happy and healthy.

Our service guarantees a safe, secure and easy process that limits time and hassle for our clients. We promise to get in and out as quickly as possible, completing our job to the best standard there is! If you are interested in our commercial cleaning in Milton Keynes or other services that we offer, then feel free to get in touch now!

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Client Feedback

"We feel very safe after the service we received from Facilities Company, and we can’t thank them enough. Brilliant work!"