Case Study Details

The UK has experienced extreme downpours of rain in small periods of time, meaning that many rivers and banks have burst and families have become victims of flooding. Sadly, this was the case for a family that contacted Facilities Company over the Christmas period in desperate need of assistance. Their home had become flooded due to the extreme weather, causing their flooring to become damaged and dangerous.

Client Requests & What We Did

A client contact Facilities Company over the Christmas period to help restore their flooring after extreme rain had caused flooding in their home. As you can imagine, this caused a lot of stress for the family over a period of the year that is usually full of festive joy. For this reason, the team made sure that they were at the property as quickly as possible to ensure that the family could enjoy their Christmas in peace, as well as safely. To achieve this, the team dried and cleaned the flooring to make it liveable, allowing them to complete any further repairs in the new year while still enjoying their Christmas.

If you have also experienced flooding in your home and require assistance, then please feel free to contact our experienced team for further information and to book our services.

Project Pictures

Client Feedback

"We were absolutely devastated that our house had been damaged by the flooding right before Christmas, and thought that it would be impossible to live in the house. Luckily, Facilities Company contacted us back straight away to arrange a visit to our home, and they completed the task so quickly! We are over the moon with how well they managed to help us, and could not thank them enough for coming to our aid so quickly."