Case Study Details:

Maintaining a clean and professional aesthetic for any business is imperative, which is why our team provides highly regarded commercial property maintenance in Milton Keynes. Through this service, you can pick and choose which maintenance you require, whether that’s window cleaning, floor cleaning or landscaping.

For this project, the team completed thorough landscape maintenance for our repeat client, including weed killing, hedge cutting, shrub pruning and mowing grass. Find out more below and take a look at our project images to see just how much of a dramatic improvement landscaping can have on your commercial premises.

Client Requests & What We Did:

Our client receives monthly visits from the team to have commercial maintenance complete on their property. It is amazing how much landscapes grow within just a month, which is why our client books in for regular trimming to help maintain appearance and safety. By cutting the bushes and hedges, it ensures that the premises remains safe for pedestrians while maintaining a professional image.

The client is able to customise their package to suit their property and requirements, so they decided to incorporate hedge cutting, pruning and mowing, providing a pristine finish. Not only has this created an eye-catching and clean finish, but it also helps the landscape to thrive, producing green and rich environments.

After landscaping, the client was extremely happy with the outcome, as always. If you require help creating the perfect professional finish, then our team are always just a phone call away to design a package including landscaping, commercial cleaning in Milton Keynes, and so much more.

Case Study Photos