Case Study Details:

Although many businesses are closed for the meantime during the lockdown, keeping their premises in immaculate condition for their return will always continue. This client, in particular, has a contract with our team for commercial maintenance in Milton Keynes, which is designed to keep their site pristine and free from any potential hazards.

Client Requests & What We Did

During the colder months, many commercial site owners put outdoor maintenance at the bottom of their to-do list as not only is the weather miserable, but there tend to be fewer passersby. However, this can have an immense impact on the safety of your premises, causing slipping hazards in particular. Leaves and debris accumulate over the autumn and if not cleared, will begin to build up rainfall and then freeze in the winter, becoming extremely slippery.

To prevent dangers on site, professional maintenance is essential, and this is just what our most recent client enlisted our team to help with. Our visit to the site was scheduled for a time and date that best worked with the client’s schedule, minimising contact and allowing us to maintain a social distance.

The team got to work with clearing all communal walkways, removing overgrown foliage and any moss that had formed between the paving. Any bushes surrounding the buildings were also trimmed, which not only creates a more pleasant appearance but also helps the plants to thrive in the spring. Lastly, we cleaned the seating area outside of the building, which had built up lots of leaves, debris and rubbish.

Project Pictures

Client Feedback

"Facilities Company did a great job as always clearing our site, no job is ever too much hassle for them. We’ve had a contract with them for quite some time now, and they have been a pleasure every time that they visit. Friendly, professional and always going the extra mile!"