Case Study Details:

While a significant percentage of those employed are working from home during the lockdown, many businesses have used an empty office to their advantage to complete a thorough clean. Our most recent client had the same idea and contacted our team to enlist our expertise in carpet cleaning in Milton Keynes.

Client Requests & What We Did:

Carpets in any commercial property go through their fair share of wear and tear and while hoovering is always essential, it is not enough to prevent germs, dirt and debris from building up. Due to the nature of the fibres on carpets, they are a key culprit for capturing and absorbing all manner of dirt from dust and pollen to moisture, food and drinks. This means that while your carpet may look clean, it is more than likely that there are germs hidden within – this is where professional carpet cleaning comes in.

For all of our carpet cleaning jobs, including the one featured in this case study, we use an industrial carpet cleaner which is designed to pull dirt from the fibres. As the client had cleared the office completely before our arrival, we were able to clean the entire carpet in just half a day, making it a super quick, yet highly effective way to keep your premises in immaculate condition. You can just see from the video below how much dirt comes out of the machine once complete!

Case Study Photos

Client Feedback

"Great job all round from the guys at Facilities Company. They were punctual, professional and did a fantastic job. In just a few hours they had finished, and our carpets looked as good as new!"