Case Study Details:

We were contacted by a local company to book our commercial cleaning in Milton Keynes. The client had several site doors that required deep cleaning ahead of an important site visit.

Client Requests & What We Did:

Our client had several interior site doors that had gone through wear and tear, so they had started to dampen the appearance of their property. The company had scheduled for the doors to be painted the following month; however, they were notified last minute that they had an important site visit before this date. To ensure that their site maintained a positive first impression, our client contacted our team to clean the doors as well as we could in the meantime until they were able to be painted.

The site doors had quite a large build-up of dirt, so our team used industry-level cleaning products to ensure optimum results without damaging the surface. As you can see from the before and after photos below, this had made a huge difference, offering a great temporary solution. This will also help the painting process to run smoother, allowing our client to restore their doors to their original condition.

Case Study Photos

Client Feedback

"We could not recommend Facilities Company more. As the decorators we had scheduled to paint the doors were not available, we contacted Facilities Company who were really accommodating with our tight deadline and gave the doors a good clean to make them presentable for our audit. The results came out much better than anticipated, so we will definitely be using them again for our future cleaning needs. "