Case Study Details:

Our most recent client contacted us for our expertise in commercial cleaning in Milton Keynes as they had recently removed floor signage that had left a sticky residue behind.

We have carried out this service a few times over the past few months after businesses had placed direction stickers on the floor to help comply with COVID-19 guidelines. Now that these restrictions have been lifted, the signage can be removed but are renowned for leaving sticky marks on flooring. Take a look at our previous case study for another example of this type of job.

Client Requests & What We Did:

As you can see from the images below, the large floor signage had left visible lines across the surface that were not only sticky but also dampened the overall appearance of the space. To ensure that the residue removal could be completed quickly and efficiently, we used our industrial-grade floor scrubbing machine. This is ideal for deep cleaning all manner of flooring materials without causing damage.

Thanks to the expertise of our team, all traces of signage were removed, and the floor is looking as good as new. Our client was able to get back to their daily operations without any downtime and was thrilled with their experience with Facilities Company!

Case Study Photos

Client Feedback

"Fantastic customer service and such a proactive team. Was really impressed with how quickly the job was done and how easy it was to get booked in. We’ll definitely be using these guys for any further cleaning and would 100% recommend them to other businesses!"