Coffee is a must-have for many to power through the working day, which means that carpets of workplaces are prone to their fair share of spillages. Although accidents do happen, coffee can leave stubborn stains and an unpleasant, lingering smell, dampening the appearance of your workplace. To ensure that incidents can be handled quickly, we have put together a guide on how to get coffee out of the carpet, including when it’s time to call in the professionals!

Our Guide On How To Get Coffee Out Of Carpet

As specialists in office cleaning in Milton Keynes, our team have picked up a host of helpful tips and tricks to keeping your workplace looking pristine. Whether you have moved into a new workspace and noticed stains on the carpet or a colleague has knocked a mug from the desk, our guide will run through the steps to take to prevent long-term stains and odours. And as always, if none of the DIY methods or homemade cleaners seems to be working, we’re always just a phone call away to help!

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How To Get Coffee Stains Out Of Carpet Naturally

You can never anticipate when you may fall victim to a coffee spillage, which means that unless you’ve dealt with an accident in the past, it’s unlikely that you will have a shop-bought cleaner to hand. Luckily, you’ll be pleased to know that one of the most effective natural carpet cleaners can be homemade using ingredients you are likely to have tucked away in your cupboard. This homemade cleaner works best on fresh stains, ideally when the coffee is still wet. With this in mind, this is what you will need:

  • Mild washing up liquid
  • Baking soda
  • White vinegar
  • Warm water (in a spray bottle)

And here is how to get coffee stains out of carpet naturally:

  • Begin by squeezing around a 5p-sized amount of washing-up liquid directly onto the coffee stain and gently work into the fibres using circular motions.
  • Spray the area with water and then use a kitchen roll to blot the stain until it is dry.
  • Sprinkle some baking soda over the coffee stain and leave it to sit until it has dried. This will absorb any excess moisture.
  • Once the baking soda is dry, vacuum up any leftover residue.
  • If the coffee stain has not been removed, you can then make up your homemade carpet cleaner. Combine one tablespoon of vinegar, one tablespoon of washing-up liquid and 500ml of water.
  • Using a dry cloth, press the homemade cleaner into the stain, blotting until the coffee lifts, and the stain is removed altogether.
  • Use a soft sponge to dab the area with cool water to remove any leftover residue, then blot dry.

How To Get Coffee Out Of Carpet After It Dries

If your coffee stain is older and has dried into the fibres of the carpet, it may be slightly more time-consuming to remove but most definitely not impossible. In this instance, we do recommend purchasing a carpet stain remover and using this alongside home remedies. Which? has put together a handy guide to the best stain removers of the year, helping to point you in the right direction when heading to the shop.

When following our tips on how to get coffee out of the carpet after it dries, you should always start softening up the stain by pouring a small amount of water over the coffee. Leave this for around 5 minutes to loosen the fibres. Using a clean cloth, you can then start to dry the area by dabbing the stain. You should see some of the coffee lift and transfer onto the cloth. The next steps will then depend on which material you are dealing with:

Next steps for a wool carpet:

  • If you have a wool carpet, the fibres will be far more susceptible to damage which means a gentler approach will need to be taken. Begin by adding 3 drops of a mild washing-up liquid to 250ml of water.
  • Soak a clean cloth in the mixture and then use this to blot the stain, starting from the outside and working inwards.
  • Allow this to sit for at least 5 minutes before using a dry cloth to remove the excess liquid.

Next steps for a non-wool carpet:

  • For non-wool carpets, you can swap the washing-up liquid for ammonia, which is highly effective at breaking down even the most stubborn stains, including fat and oil. To create your mixture, add one tablespoon of ammonia to 250ml of water.
  • Before using this on the stain, it is always advised to test the solution on a hidden area of carpet to ensure that it will not damage the material. Allow at least 20 minutes to see how your carpet reacts to the ammonia.
  • If the carpet does not react with the ammonia, then you are free to go ahead. Like the above, soak a cloth on the solution and then blot the stain until it is entirely covered.
  • Allow this to sit for 3 to 5 minutes before removing the solution. This should be done by blotting the carpet with alternating towels, one wet and one dry. Keep going until the solution is rinsed out of the carpet.

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How To Get Coffee Stains Out Of Carpet Professionally

There may be some cases where homemade remedies simply cannot lift the stain, there is still a trace of coffee on the carpet, or the spillage is too large to treat. In this instance, the best route would be to enlist our professionals in commercial cleaning in Milton Keynes.

With over 17 years of experience helping clients maintain their commercial property, our team is equipped with the knowledge, skills, and equipment to remove stubborn stains. For our carpet cleaning services, we typically use industrial-level equipment that has been designed to pull dirt deep from the fibres while also ensuring a quick turnaround time to minimise downtime. You can find an example of a past carpet cleaning job, along with a video of the dirt our equipment picks up, over on our case studies page.

If you require professional carpet cleaning, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team. We are often able to accommodate last-minute jobs should you be faced with an emergency or a large spillage that cannot be left uncleaned. For those who would like the peace of mind that our team are always on hand to help, we would recommend enquiring about our commercial cleaning in Milton Keynes. We would be more than happy to discuss your property and the type of services that you would benefit from including in your tailored package.

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    How To Get Coffee Smell Out Of Carpet

    If you have removed stains through DIY methods, you may find that you are still faced with a lingering coffee smell. The bad news is that it means there is still some coffee embedded in the fibres, but the good news is that this couldn’t be easier to tackle.

    Much like when removing the stain initially, battling any unpleasant smells can also be achieved using baking soda. Along with absorbing excess moisture, baking soda is also ideal for trapping any unwanted odours. However, instead of sprinkling the baking soda on and leaving it for only a few minutes, it will need to sit overnight to work effectively.

    This process can be repeated a second time should there still be a lingering smell but this time, consider modifying the technique by adding some essential oil. Any essential oil of your choice can be used, but it is recommended to avoid tea tree oil if you have pets, as it can be toxic. Once you have chosen your essential oil, here are the following steps to take:

    • Combine 65g of baking soda with 30 drops of essential oil.
    • Pour this into a container that will allow you to sprinkle the mixture.
    • Leave this to sit for 24 hours.
    • Evenly sprinkle the baking soda and essential oil mixture over the stained area.
    • Allow this to work its magic for 15 minutes before vacuuming.

    Baking Soda And Essential Oils

    How To Get Coffee Grounds Out Of Carpet

    Spilling coffee grounds on a carpet can be just as annoying as spilling actual coffee onto the carpet and can leave a strong smell. However, there are still just as many easy ways to get the coffee grounds off and out of the carpet!

    Make sure you:

    • Vacuum the grounds: This will easily remove the excess grounds that have sunk into the carpet.
    • Create a mixture for the smell: Incorporate baking soda and essential oil together.
    • Apply the mixture: After a couple of hours, gently and lightly tip the mixture on the area with the coffee grounds.
    • Vacuum once again: Follow the action of step 1 and vacuum any leftover grounds or smell that has lingered.
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      Carpet Cleaning Made Easy!

      Accidental spillages can be incredibly frustrating, but it most definitely doesn’t mean that your carpet is ruined for good. If possible, we would always recommend acting quickly to ensure that you can lift the coffee as much as possible before it dries deep into the fibres. Use our tips mentioned above, repeating the process as many times as necessary, and your carpet will look as good as new! Make sure to get in touch if you require our commercial cleaning in Milton Keynes service!

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