The importance of maintaining your commercial site cannot be understated. If you are wondering ‘what is site maintenance?’ you’re in luck since we have put together this article to explain what commercial site maintenance is, the benefits of having it done, and hopefully answer any questions you may have about it. Whether you already have a basic understanding of what site maintenance is or have no clue about what the phrase means, we will run through each aspect so that you can gain a thorough understanding of it. We hope that after reading our article, we will have provided you with all of the information needed for you to identify which site maintenance services your commercial premises could benefit from, as well as how you can go about having them done.

What Is Site Maintenance? Our Guide

As experts in commercial property maintenance in Milton Keynes with many years of experience under our belts, we have the knowledge and training required to make us more than able to inform you of not only what commercial site maintenance is, but also why it needs to be done, and what it will involve. If, upon reading this article, you have realised that your commercial property could benefit from site maintenance services, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team, who will be more than happy to offer you a free quotation, answer any questions you may have, and help you book any of the services we offer.

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What Is Commercial Maintenance?

‘Commercial maintenance’ refers to the maintenance or upkeep of commercial premises as a whole. As a service, it is comprised of many other more specific services, which range from plumbing to landscaping to painting and decorating. The goal of commercial site maintenance is to keep the site in the best condition possible for a number of reasons, including aesthetics, cost efficiency and, most importantly, safety. It can be both preventative, where it is carried out in order to prevent problems that affect the functions of the site from developing, or reactive, where it is carried out in response to said problems developing. Some of the services that fall under our commercial property maintenance in Milton Keynes are as follows:

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Plumbing services are essential to the proper maintenance of a commercial site. Issues with the plumbing on your commercial premises are problematic for a number of reasons. Bad smells, leaks and clogged drains are plumbing issues that can be unpleasant, costly and even hazardous to human health, should they be left unfixed.


The electricals on business premises are not only essential to the proper functioning of the premises; they are a key safety feature, and issues that occur with them can be highly hazardous for multiple reasons. To minimise the chances of an electrical accident and keep everything running smoothly, it is essential that you ensure that your electricals undergo regular maintenance.

Fire Systems

Fire systems consist of fire detectors and alarms, emergency lighting, emergency exits and fire-extinguishing equipment. Naturally, their installation and upkeep are crucial to the safety of all occupants of your business site in the unlikely event of a fire. This will include regular testing and the completion of any necessary repairs or replacements, as well as the removal of any obstructions to fire exits. If you are in need of maintenance services for the fire systems on your business premises, feel free to get in touch with us today to arrange for a trained professional to carry out this service for you.

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Commercial landscaping involves the upkeep of outdoor areas of land for aesthetic purposes. This includes maintaining the appearance of plants and greenery on the property, keeping the land free from debris, and ensuring that paths are neat and clear. This service is especially important for creating a professional-looking environment.


If you have escalators on your commercial premises, it is essential that you have them maintained regularly to keep them in good working condition for the safety and comfort of all staff, clients, and visitors on your site. It is recommended that all escalators and other moving walkways are thoroughly inspected every six months as part of their maintenance.


Commercial cleaning must be carried out on business premises to keep all of the facilities in good condition. If cleaning is not carried out regularly, dirt and mess can accumulate. This will interrupt business operations, put off staff, clients and visitors, and even pose a potential risk to human health. It is especially important to have commercial cleaning done before vacating leased offices or premises, as you are financially liable should they not be left in a condition comparable to when you first moved in. For more information on the importance of cleanliness in the workplace, check out our previous article. If you are in need of office cleaning in Milton Keynes, please feel free to get in touch with our team.

Painting And Decorating

The painting and decorating of your commercial premises will be needed to maintain the condition of internal spaces, as you are required to do. Moreover, adding a fresh coat of paint and some sophisticated decorations such as potted plants and wall clocks is an excellent way to keep your business premises looking crisp, clean and professional, which will leave a good impression on clients and visitors and help to support employee well-being and productivity.

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Commercial Maintenance Benefits

There are a number of benefits to having commercial maintenance carried out on your site, the main ones being improved safety, maintained or enhanced aesthetics, and minimised costs. To find out more about each of these benefits, read on.

Improved Safety

When you have commercial maintenance carried out on your business premises, you are improving the safety of everyone who enters it, be they staff, clients, or visitors. This is due to potentially hazardous equipment and systems being maintained so that they remain in good working condition and any potentially dangerous faults or necessary repairs are identified and resolved efficiently. By minimising the risk of injury to people and damage to property, you will also avoid legal costs and could even decrease the amount you pay for insurance.

Enhanced Aesthetics

Consistent and thorough site maintenance will result in business premises that look smart and professional, which is essential for impressing important clients and visitors. Maintaining a neat, sanitary and visually-pleasing site is also likely to help the wellbeing and productivity of employees.

Minimised Costs

By identifying issues such as damaged or faulty installations or equipment early through preventative site maintenance, you will be able to have them fixed before they become more severe or hazardous. This will help you to minimise repair costs. Moreover, by having preventative maintenance carried out on potentially hazardous equipment, for example, in the form of inspections, you will minimise the chances of costly legal fees and may become eligible for reduced insurance payments.

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Who Is Responsible For Commercial Building Maintenance?

As a business owner leasing a commercial property to run your business from, it is your responsibility to maintain the premises and carry out any repairs that need to be done. Therefore it is essential that you identify and arrange any repairs or maintenance services required on the property. It is important to do so as soon as possible because leaving damage unresolved for too long can result in further property damage occurring, increasing the cost of the necessary repairs.

If you are in need of commercial property maintenance in Milton Keynes, why not get in contact with one of our friendly team members? They will be more than happy to assist you in booking services for a date and time that is convenient for you and your business.

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How Long Does Site Maintenance Take?

The length of time that site maintenance services will take depends on a few factors, such as which specific services you are in need of and the size of the site. If you would like to know approximately how long commercial property maintenance in Milton Keynes will take, you can get in touch with us today, and one of our highly trained team members will be able to advise you on the duration of the services you require, as well as provide you with a free quote if desired.

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    Commercial Maintenance Explained

    We hope that our article has been helpful in explaining what commercial site maintenance is, as well as the benefits of having it done and how you can go about arranging it. Whether you require the help of a plumbing or electrical technician to fix an issue on your site or are in need of commercial cleaning in Milton Keynes, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team. We have specialists who are highly trained in a variety of different services, from air conditioning technicians to professional landscapers, so whatever site maintenance service you are in need of, we can provide it to the highest standards possible.